Cloud User Hub's top menu includes a range of options to make it easier to review status information, access guides, and configure settings:

  • Health: displays Job and Audit logs. Filter the columns and click on an entry for more information.

    • Job: command jobs and their execution.

      Role requirement: "Command Block Job Log Reader"

    • Audit: each call made in the platform.

      Role Requirement: "Audit Administrators"

  • Documentation: launches the user guide in a new tab.

  • Notifications: displays information when a task or action is running, and further details once the task or action is complete. For example, "Command Block is executing Get team by name (or a part of)" and "Command Block Get team by name (or a part of) executed successfully for Example Company."

  • Settings: set your portal preferences. For example, set the period of inactivity before it automatically signs you out, or enables notification pop-ups.

  • Sign out: exit and sign out of Cloud User Hub.