Select a Cloud User Hub admin account

The last step in this process is to select an account to use as the Cloud User Hub administrator. This will be the first user in Cloud User Hub and specified in the onboarding form.

This can be any user you want to have product administrative access. You can also use Cloud User Hub's granular role access to assign additional access to another user in your tenant.

To select a user to act as the administrator and retrieve the information required for onboarding:

  1. Sign in to the Azure Active Directory Admin Center

  2. Make a note of the Tenant ID. Use the copy button to copy it to the clipboard

  3. Go to Users

  4. Select any user in this list to act as the administrator

  5. Make a note of the Principal name and Object ID. Use the copy buttons to copy them to the clipboard

You are now ready to start the Cloud User Hub onboarding process.