Invoice reports

Cloud User Hub retrieves your invoices from Microsoft Partner Center and uses Microsoft's Power BI technology to display them in a multi-customer report.

The invoice report, available for direct CSPs, provides a less time-consuming alternative to the Microsoft Partner Center single-customer approach, presenting information on all bought or sold Office 365 licenses in a "single pane of glass" view.

Onetime cost dashboards

The onetime cost dashboards present the summary information for the customer and product selection. 

View the information for all customers, or analyze the details for particular customers using the Customers filter.

  • Revenue: total retail price 

  • Profit: retail price minus purchase price.

    Direct CSPs can set the Microsoft purchase and their retail prices to display their profit margin

  • Costs: only available in the onetime cost (other) dashboard

  • Cost over time: costs over three months (where invoices are available).

    You can switch between the Purchase and Retail, and hover over a column to display details 

It automatically updates all tables and summary information to reflect the line entry selection in the ProductsInvoices, and Subscription tables.

Show data in a report layout

The option to show data in a report layout displays your customers' invoice information in an easy-to-view table. Use the filters above the table and the "More options" menu to create a targeted view, then go to the "More options" menu to export it.

More options filter

Filter options are also available depending on the table, including Filter on visual and switching to Focus mode to expand the table view.

Click on the More Options dots. Depending on the context, you can 

  • Search through the results

  • Export the data as a .xlsx or .csv file 

  • Show the information as a table

  • Spotlight

  • Get insights

  • Sort the data

  • IncludeExclude or Copy the value or selection