Command blocks

To view and add a Command Block:

  1. Select Command Blocks under the left Automate menu

  2. Click on a category tile to view its Command Blocks

  3. Review the Command Block's description

  4. Check the box against a Command Block

  5. Click Add Command job

  6. Choose the organization

  7. Depending on the job, the wizard will walk you through any additional configuration steps

  8. Select Execute to run the job,

  9. After executing the Command Block, the dialog lists the output

  10. Select Close to exit the dialog

The notification section in the top menu provides an indicator of the job's progress.

Unavailable Command Blocks

Command Block availability depends on solution configuration, for either your own on a customer that you have access to and applicable role assignment. If either the solution is not activated, and/or you do not have the required permissions, then you cannot add the Command Block.

Unavailable Command Blocs appear in gray with an information icon. 

Click the icon to display a dialog listing the cause of the issue along with troubleshooting steps. For example. "Configure the required solution" and/or "Configure any of the required roles". Clicking a link opens the portal in that section, with the required solution or role selected and ready for configuration.