Automatic configuration wizard

Logging into Cloud User Hub for the first time launches the automatic configuration wizard. The wizard establishes the relationship between Cloud User Hub, Microsoft Partner Center and Microsoft Graph, to connect your customers, add solutions and setup users.

There are three steps in this process:

  1. Create

  2. Connect

  3. Configure customers

1. Create

Cloud User Hub and Microsoft environment(s) communication requires a dedicated service account.

As Cloud User Hub uses the "least" privileged approach to accessing data, we recommend only granting delegated consent permissions in your organization to the dedicated service account.

Before starting the configuration process, the wizard's first step prompts you to check that you already have the required dedicated service account setup.

Dedicated service account requirements:

  • MFA enabled

  • Global Administrator role (during the consent process)

  • Admin Agent role in the Microsoft Partner Center (this role assignment only applies to Microsoft Partners with their own Partner Center)

Contact your system administrator if you do not have permission to create a dedicated service account.

For further information, please visit Permissions and consent and Detailed steps to create a partner service account.

2. Connect

In line with Microsoft's security posture, each of the following Cloud User Hub connections requires authorization to ensure you have the permissions needed for any requests. 

When prompted to select a user, choose your dedicated service account from the list.

  • Connect your organization in Cloud User Hub with your Microsoft Partner Center account. This automatically adds your organization to Cloud User Hub as a customer

  • Connect your customers and import their details from Microsoft Partner Center into Cloud User Hub. Select the customers to onboard into Cloud User Hub in "Configure customers"

  • Connect to Microsoft Graph for users and groups access

3. Configure customers

Select one or more customers to onboard in Cloud User Hub.

Selecting a customer starts the onboarding process in the background and removes the customer from the "Select Organizations" list.

Cloud User Hub automatically performs the following steps as part of the onboarding process:

  • Add the Enterprise application to the customer's tenant, including the required consent permissions

  • Add and configure all solutions for the customer that support automatic configuration (Solutions that do not support automatic configuration can be setup manually via Settings > Solutions)

  • Create Platform groups for the customer if they do not already exist

  • Add an admin user to the Platform groups

  • Assign Platform groups to the applicable roles for the activated solutions, scoped to the onboarded customers

The dialog shows a progress bar when onboarding customers.

After making the customer selection, click Finalize to exit the wizard and return to the Cloud User Hub portal.

Customer onboarding will continue in the background, and as each customer onboards, a notification pop-up displays in the portal. Click the top-menu notification button to view the onboarding progress.